The Open Quality Conference is the ideal location for connecting and showing your product to our open source community of leaders in the industry. This conference will connect many different open source testers with an extensive array of expertise: Performance, Security, Functional, Usability, and many more. For years, open-source projects have been the foundation from which many innovative projects have been established and will continue to do so for the infinite future—making Open Quality Conf the perfect space to position your company. You can expand your reach to both the project creators and consumers while aiding in these remarkable projects' endeavors.

Support the Masses

Without the generosity of sponsors like you, the Open Quality Conference would not be able to offer this conference to the masses at the low cost of $79. This low-cost ticket provides attendees with the ability to learn from leaders in the industry, network, and contribute back to open source projects.

Stand out from your Competition

Take control of your destiny and utilize the ingenuity of open quality developers. These are the individuals that review and edit the open-source tools that your company uses within their product. Our industry needs to nurture these brilliant minds, and you can stand out as a supporter. This will create a sense of ownership, especially with your company and the developers.

Expand your Brand Awareness

Sponsorship gives you access to the Open Quality audience through:

  • Connections: Position your company within a large group of highly qualified tester, managers and leaders in the open quality space.

  • Marketing: You can have your brand featured on the main page of our website, in emails and throughout our social media platforms.

  • Reach: Gain reach through our global community.

  • Innovation: You have the opportunity to sponsor a virtual happy hour or run a virtual game. Participation in one of these limited options create a positive and lasting memory associating your company with potential clientele.

  • Helping Hand: The Open Quality conference will be donating 20% of the profit back to our community.

Where does the Money go?

Your donations will be used to subsidize the operating cost, pay for speakers, volunteer thank you packages, and create some memorable opportunities for our community. The Open Quality Conference will be donating 20% of the overall profit back to the open source projects presented within this conference.

Help us create something amazing… curate your perfect sponsorship package with us!

Sponsorship Levels

Let us work with you to create a custom sponsorship package. All sponsors will recieve a basic level of perks but if you would like to expand your reach in a more memorable way please check out some of the "Level Up" options we have. These options are limited so make sure to reach out ASAP!

All Sponsors

Visible logo on website
Logo located on our Sponsor slide during conference
Special Tweet for your company
Thank you mention during the conference
Access to our email list

Level Up your Sponsorship

Workshop room- logo will appear on the waiting screen of the workshop and along the border during the session
Break-out session room- we will be offering small break out sessions to our guest to better network and problem solve.
T-Shirts- your logo will appear on the back of the conference t-shirt and a code will be sent to guest to order a free shirt from our website to wear during the conference.
Event Game- Grain reach and build positive relations with potential clients by running a fun activity for all to partake in. You would be sponsoring the intermission and would have your company logo branded on the slide visible for all to see.

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