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This code of conduct was created to clearly define what is expected of all (OQConf) attendees, hosts, vendors, speakers, testers, developers, volunteers, and users of all OQConf spaces on-site and online should an issue arise. This including but not limited to email correspondence, Slack, Zoom Conference calls, and all communication by any means of technology now known and not yet discovered.

At OQConf, we aim to promote open-source projects, to share and collaborate proper use of technologies, and increase communication between testing groups in an open and inclusive environment free of harassment, discrimination, and any additional forms of violence. As an international conference, we believe that it is integral to have a safe and welcoming space for our diverse community, including all speakers, attendees, and sponsors from all backgrounds and beliefs. We value all involved with our events and are unwilling to subject anyone to any form of hostility or harassment.

Our terms:

We have laid out a few core values we believe in and expect all attendees to be respectful, considerate, open-minded, indiscriminate, and supportive of each other.


To promote all attendees' participation, we will secure a safe and comfortable environment to speak and express opinions. We acknowledge the broad experiences and interpretations our attendees bring and welcome each perspective. Disagreements will occur, and we encourage attendees to engage in a respectful discourse of peer to peer discussions, feedback, or corrections and apologize for your mistakes.

Open minded and Indiscriminate

We ask anyone involved in a debate to remain openminded and supportive of others' expressions. If a disagreement arises, consider that opinions are just that—opinions— not reflective of an individual's character or intellect.


Please keep in mind the use of phrases and how this may affect others around you in different circumstances. At the OQConf, we invite all who are willing to learn and collaborate regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or socioeconomic status. If you notice any form of harassment around you, reach out to one of the OQC staff members.

What constitutes harassment:

As a way to create a safe and secure environment for all involved in the OQConf, we have defined harassment as follows:

  • Harassment includes persistent conference interruptions, derogatory or demeaning verbal conduct; unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; solicitation of illegal, criminal, or fraudulent manner; and other unwelcome verbal or physical conduct.
  • Verbal communication also includes all forms of communication, including all types of technology and public media. Including but not limited to materials handed out by vendors and sponsors.
  • Public identification of any individual accused of harassment, not by OQConf Organizers, constitutes harassment.

How to Report:

If you are a victim or notice any form of abuse, harassment, inequality, or any other concerns occurring around you, please report it. We want to resolve the issue immediately to prevent any additional problems.

  • All reports of harassment are to be directed to
  • If at an on-site event approach, any individual that is wearing a "Staff" shirt.
  • Any individual who reports harassment will remain unidentified and confidential.
  • Witnesses of harassment are also expected to be helpful and report the incident immediately.

Our Policy:

OQConf reserves the right to enforce at-fault individuals who have disobeyed our code of conduct in a manner we believe to be peaceful and positive for the community.

  1. Issue Reported: A problem or concern is brought to the OQConf Organizers' attention in either verbal or written form.
  2. Investigation: Staff will investigate both parties sides of the reported situation to determine if the behavior aligns with our code of conduct. We will interview witnesses to confirm the facts if deemed needed.
  3. Decision: OQConf staff will discuss the issue at hand and settle on a response fit for the circumstance then inform both parties involved.

Depending on the situation, some of the consequences we will discuss are:

  • Issue a warning either verbal or written with the expectation that the at-fault individual will refrain from any further misconduct
  • Revoke privileges, responsibilities or access
  • Removal from an event or social spaces without refund
  • Ban an individual from speaking in the future
  • Edit or remove a video before being published

We believe that these values are imperative for creating an open and inclusive environment to spark innovation and collaboration. So, we insist that all parties mentioned above must agree with the code of conduct to partake in OQConf events. Organizers will enforce this code throughout the conference, and cooperation from all participants is needed to help ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everybody.

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